As CONSENSE has recently crossed its midway point, our Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) are enthusiastic to share some scientific results that have emerged. Spreading and exchanging those discoveries are important, not only for scientific development, but also for personal and professional growth. From November 22nd to 24th, 2023, Anna and Livio participated in the Single-molecule Sensors and NanoSystems International Conference (S3IC) held in Barcelona.

Anna presented a talk about her project: “DNA nanoswitches as an architecture for continuous biosensing with single molecule detection”.

"I loved everything about this conference. Scientifically, I enjoyed learning about various systems, how single molecular resolution can be achieved. The conference was also very well organized, including a pre-conference online system and an on-site assistance. On top of that, it all took place in the amazing city of Barcelona!

Looking forward to the next edition."
Anna Swietlikowska

Livio also presented an oral presentation entitled “Single molecule plasmonic biosensor for continuous biosensing”.

"I had the opportunity to present my work for the first time at an international conference, and that’s awesome! It feels like there’s a new door that is full of learning opportunities. I saw various projects that are related somehow to what I am currently developing, and it was great seeing what people have been developing in terms of single molecule studies."
Livio Oliveira de Miranda