Leading academic groups bring into CONSENSE all the different expertise required—from functional DNA nanotechnology, protein engineering, chemical biology and immunology to completely novel optical detection techniques for biosensing. Besides, ourCONSENSE team has a proven track record of academic excellence and all of our main and co-supervisors have a wealth of experience in both, running successful scientific projects resulting in high impact publications, patents, and technologies, and in training numerous PhD and MSc students. Meet our supervisors: 

Menno Prins

Full Professor in Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Applied Physics

Maarten Merkx

Full Professor and Dean, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Peter Zijlstra

Associate Professor of Molecular Plasmonics 

Kurt Vesterager Gothelf

Full Professor at the Department of Chemistry and iNANO

Hatice Altug

Full Professor, Head of Bionanophotonic Systems Laboratory, Director of Doctoral Program in Photonics

Kai Johnsson

Director at MPImF, Department of Chemical Biology 

Jeroen Lammertyn

Full Professor in Bionanotechnology and head of the Biosensors group

Marien De Jonge

Full Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Medical Immunology

Filip Delport

CTO and co-founder of FOx Biosystems 

Junhong Yan

Scientist at Helia Biomonitoring