First international symposium on Continuous Real-Time Biomolecular Sensing

The CONSENSE ITN is delighted to announce the first International Symposium on Continuous Real-Time Biomolecular Sensing, an event to share and discuss the latest advances in the field of continuous sensing technologies, organised together with and around this year’s SensUs Student Competition. The symposium focuses on: (i) the monitoring of biomolecules at micromolar levels and below, (ii) the core components of continuous sensors, i.e. molecular and detection concepts, (iii) sensing concepts that are able to monitor increases as well as decreases of biomarker concentration, and (iv) sensing concepts that operate without consuming sensing reagents, in order to be suited for longterm use. Students, researchers, and professionals worldwide are warmly invited.

Symposium Format

  • Hybrid Format: The symposium will be held in a hybrid approach, enabling presentations from expert speakers and facilitating virtual attendance from participants worldwide. Presentation materials, including slides and posters, will be accessible electronically.
  • Physical Venue: Participants on-site are welcome to join the symposium at the TU/e campus, in the Atlas lecture hall. 
  • Duration: The symposium spans two days, commencing on Tuesday, 27 August, and concluding on Wednesday, 28 August 2024. The symposium timeslot will be 16:00-21:30 CEST.
  • Session Structure: Each session will kick off with a 25-minute introductory presentation, followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Subsequently, three focused presentations, each lasting 15 minutes with an additional 10-minute Q&A segment, will take place.

Co-organized Events:

  • SensUs 2024: Focusing on continuous creatinine sensing in Interstitial Skin Fluid (ISF), SensUs 2024 will hold its testing event on Tuesday, 27 August.
  • CONSENSE ITN Consortium Meeting: The Biosensing Open Day, centered around continuous biosensing, is organized as part of the ITN CONSENSE consortium meeting, where CONSENSE ESRs will share their progress updates.

Interested students, professionals and researchers worldwide are warmly invited to participate in the event. The symposium serves as a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the exploration of innovative developments in continuous biomolecular sensing. For questions or remarks, you can contact (for general questions) or (for questions about the program).

Register for the symposium below. In-person registration closed on July 20, online registration will remain open until August 20. Registration is free of charge.

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