Early Stage Researchers

CONSENSE is training young scientists in the development of continuous biosensors for personal monitoring in healthcare applications. Training is offered to 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) by 8 leading academic groups, 8 SMEs, and 4 large medtech companies, in 9 countries. Meet our ESRs:

Marc Scherer

ESR 1: Design of nanobodies with tunable target affinities

Alexander Stephany

ESR 2: Binders for targeting proteins, small molecules and antibodies

Anna Swietlikowska

ESR 3: Engineering conformational switches based on DNA-antibody conjugates

Estelle Bonedeau

ESR4: Platform technology for the engineering of conformational switches based on semisynthetic biosensors

Nicola Porzberg

ESR 5: Semi-synthetic nanoswitches for continuous plasmonic sensing

Andris Jeminejs

ESR 6: Nanoswitch annays for continuous monitoring of small-molecule protein interactions

Emily Tsang

ESR 7: DNA origami nanoswitches with large-modulation pincer structure

Wei Shan (Helen) Tan

ESR8: Single-molecule TPM biosensor with nanoswitches integrated in the tether

Livio Oliveira de Miranda

ESR 9: TPNO biosensor for nanoswitches with short-timescale dynamics

Abtin Saateh

ESR 10: NPA for nanoswitch sensing with plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces

Daniil Riabov

ESR 11: NPA for nanoswitch sensing with dielectric metasurfaces

Claudia Scarpellini

ESR12: FO-SPR nanoswitch biosensor with DNA origami nanowitches

Jalu Setiya Pradana

ESR 13: Demonstration and validation of an integrated FO-SPR biosensor with nanoswitch

Sebastian Cajigas

ESR 14: Integrated system and validation of TPM biosensor with nanoswitch

Guilherme Antunes Gouveia

ESR 15: Cell-based in-vitro assays for biosensor testing and validation