ESR4 – Estelle Bonedeau

Estelle Bonedeau

Host: Max Planck Institute for Medical Research
Supervisors: Prof. Kai Johnsson  (MPI), Birgit Koch (MPI)

ESR 4: Platform technology for the engineering of conformational switches based on semisynthetic biosensors

“Colourful glowing molecules? For healthcare? Say no more, I’m in!”

My project consists in engineering specific substrates for bioluminescent indicators and analyte binding proteins using a multidisciplinary approach. Chemical synthesis, protein engineering and biomolecule characterisations will be at the centre of my research. We aim to use the developed technology for the quantification of various analytes for point of care diagnostic applications. 

Establishment of a bioluminescent-based platform technology for rapid detection and quantification of analytes near to the patient. The tasks of this project consist in the design and synthesis of analyte specific binding probes for bioluminescent labelling, development of suitable protein libraries for the generation of bioluminescent indicators, and application of the platform to generate a medical device for the quantification of various analytes.

Originally from Bordeaux, France, I studied biological sciences to better understand how life organises itself. I enjoyed studying living organisms and make sense of their molecular, cellular, and anatomical levels. My specialisation in biotechnology comes from my desire to bridge biological principles with very applied fields to create new technologies and products. Indeed, the French engineering school ENSTBB provides interdisciplinary studies which are applicable to career paths such as teaching and research at the academic or industry level.

My studies specialized in biotechnology, synthetic biology and more particularly in the characterization of biomolecules. Indeed, it is at the French engineering school ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie des Biomolécules de Bordeaux) that I have obtained a bachelor in engineering sciences in 2019 and an engineering degree in 2021. My research experience includes biochemical characterization and engineering of biosensors, single cell RNA-sequencing and cancer cell migration.