Last but not least – let’s welcome ESR11!

Hello, I am Daniil Riabov, ESR 11 and I am glad to be a part of the CONSENSE project!

About me

I was born in Cherepovets, Russia and spent my whole childhood in this lovely city. Even though my high school had a major in teaching languages (English and German), I was lucky to also have wonderful and dedicated teachers in math and physics. They cultivated in me a love for technical subjects, gave me a strong basis for professional education, and supported my thirst for knowledge and personal development. Besides that, I am a devoted hockey fan. Since my early childhood, I attended games in the arena with my father and continue passionately supporting our local team “Severstal” (although remotely now).

My academic path

I moved to St. Petersburg for my bachelor studies and entered the program “Nanophotonics and Quantum Optics” at ITMO University, Department of Physics and Engineering. I was always fascinated by “nanostuff”, and even though I had a vague idea of the photonics concept at that moment, I felt that nanoscale objects in combination with profound light manipulation are incredibly interesting for investigation and could find their application in various “technologies of the future”. My university studies were extremely hard (for me at least), especially in the beginning. However, this allowed me to enter scientific research relatively early and become a co-author of several papers related to nonlinear nanophotonics and optical spectroscopy. For 3.5 years, I was a member of Prof. Sergey Makarov’s research group in “Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics” and had common projects with Prof. Mihail Petrov’s theoretical research group. My research experience includes mainly working with Nanophotonics and Metasurfaces which perfectly matches my scientific interests and is closely related to my current project.

Where I am now

In 2023, I joined Prof. Hatice Altug’s group, BIOnanophotonic Systems Laboratory, EPFL. I believe that my research experience could contribute to the CONSENSE project development. Currently, I am working on photonic design optimization and nanofabrication. I believe that an in-depth investigation of optical read-out from my side along with profound methods of surface functionalization from my colleagues would result in the creation of state-of-the-art technologies for health monitoring.