ESR10 – Abtin Saateh

Abtin Saateh

Host: École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Supervisors: Prof. Hatice Altug (EPFL)

ESR 10: NPA for nanoswitch sensing with plasmonic and dielectric metasurfaces

It is fascinating to work on the interface of nanophotonics and biochemistry to push the current boundaries and bring new healthcare solutions.”

The aim of this project is to develop ultra-sensitive nanophotonic arrays based on plasmonics and dielectric metasurfaces that will enable digital detection of biomolecules in real-time. The integrated microarray system will be used for continuous and multiplexed monitoring of biomarkers towards point-of-care diagnostics.

We will develop continuous biosensors using nanophotonic technologies.

I was born and raised in Tabriz, Iran and finished my school studies there. My interest in fluid mechanics and micro/nanotechnology paved the way for me to explore microfluidics and the biosensor field during my master studies. The great potential of the nanophotonic sensors in achieving extreme levels of limit-of-detection while using affordable and point-of-care setups made me enthusiastic in pursuing my doctoral studies in the BIOS group while doing my Ph.D. in the Biotechnology and Bioengineering program at EPFL. My research interests are focused on Biosensors, Microfluidics, and Point-of-Care systems. My research interests are not confined to the list above. I constantly thirst for learning about new research areas since I am sure that I may become engrossed in them.

I got my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tabriz in Mechanical Engineering in 2016 and worked on droplet-surface interaction and superhydrophobicity phenomenon. In 2017, I went to Bilkent University to pursue my Master’s degree in Material Science and Nanotechnology. I developed a real-time impedimetric system for droplet measurement in droplet-microfluidic systems. Meanwhile, I investigated droplet monodispersity and reached new milestones in obtaining ultra-monodisperse droplets.