Follow up: 3rd CONSENSE week in Aarhus!

Hey everyone! We are very excited to share with you the highlights of the recent CONSENSE meeting in Aarhus, one of the oldest cities in Denmark. The program was packed with exciting activities, showing the contrast between rich history of city and the novel scientific breakthroughs carried within. Let’s dive in!

Scientific talks: sharing the newest results

The meeting kicked off with a series of captivating scientific lectures revolving around the topic of architectures and challenges of continuous sensing devices, such as:

As a part of the “Wider Horizon” initiative, guest speakers Prof. Jørgen Kjems and Prof. Ebbe Sloth Andersen from Aarhus University gave lectures on the how RNA aptamers and RNA origami could be used as sensing devices. Afterwards, the students presented their recent updates in the projects of continuous biosensing, receiving feedback both from the peers and professors alike.


Workshops, social activities and more!

The scientific program was followed by a series of interactive workshops, dedicated to career development and grant writing. Invited speakers shared insights on navigating academia, industry, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, students tried their hand in assessing and evaluating their skills and expertise, which will be crucial in choosing the career path ahead. The workshop also included a visit to The Kitchen – a startup incubator of Aarhus University, where research discoveries can be turned into business ideas.

Another highlight was the grant writing workshop led by seasoned researchers from Aarhus University. The students learned essential tips and tricks for crafting successful grant proposals, as well as intricacies of applying for postdoctoral research grants. 

The ITN meeting would not be possible without some social, cultural and teambuilding activities. From the Old Town in Aarhus to Tropical Zoo in Randers, the students got to experience a small part of what Denmark has to offer!