Follow up: Consense meets at SensUs 2023!

Hey everyone! In the vibrant tech hub of Europe, Eindhoven, CONSENSE marks the beginning of September with an annual meeting at the SensUs competition. But this wasn’t your typical gathering; it was an explosive mix of brains from academia, industry, and innovation. As special guests invited to join the prestigious SensUs 2023 event, we embarked on a journey packed with mind-blowing science talks, eye-opening company tours, and awesome connections. Let’s dive in!

Scientific Talks: Sharing the Knowledge

During the scientific talks, the ESRs shared recent updates of their projects in continuous biosensing. This was followed by a number of different lectures: 

  • “Biomedical microdevices enabled by microfluidic technology” delivered by Prof. Jaap den Toonder (TU/e).
  • Recent advances in sensing technologies presented by Dr. Amani Hariri (Stanford University).
  • Group discussions “The future of continuous biosensing applications and societal impact” and “Technological state-of-the-art in continuous biosensing” conducted by Menno Prins (TU/e).

The ESRs also actively engaged in intra- and inter-work package discussions, with a particular emphasis on the exchange of ideas and cultivation of future collaborative endeavors. Furthermore, they openly discussed the many challenges that come with pursuing a Ph.D., engaging in open discussions with CONSENSE-associated supervisors, who then generously shared valuable advice on how to tackle them effectively.

SensUs 2023 student competition

At the SensUS competition, the ESRs delivered 1-minute pitches about their continuous biosensing projects, setting the stage for an engaging poster session. This session offered an excellent opportunity for the competition participants to engage in meaningful discussions, exchange ideas, and pose questions to the ESRs.

Company Visits: Diving into the Tech Scene

Eindhoven isn’t just a hotspot for science geeks; it is also a breeding ground for innovation and cutting-edge companies. As part of the CONSENSE meeting, we visited companies and startups in the region, such as Siemens Healthineers, Imec and StentIt, the ones leading the biosensor and health tech revolution. We also had an amazing opportunity of heading to Nijmegen to visit Radboud UMC and Future diagnostics – places where science from the lab and turned into real-world solutions that were changing healthcare as we knew it.

As we look ahead, we can’t wait to see what springs from the connections we made and the ideas we shared at CONSENSE. We’re stoked to be part of this wild ride and here’s to more adventures and discoveries in the future!