Introducing ESR12!

Hello and nice to meet you! 

I’m Claudia, ESR 12 in the CONSENSE project. Like many of the other PhD students, I was also keen on everything related to science ever since I was a kid. During my school years, I enjoyed studying chemistry, physics, and mathematics. But what I enjoyed the most is the process of learning. Besides that, a strong drive I’ve had throughout my growth was the desire to create something. When I was a little girl, this could be building something with recycled materials or painting. Later, when I chose my university studies, I combined my passion for learning and the one for creating something in my Physics Engineering course, which I started in 2015 at Politecnico di Torino. There I got the opportunity to broaden my horizons to a wide range of physics subjects, ranging from nuclear to quantum physics to the physics of semiconductors.

For my master, I decided to stay at Politecnico di Torino and study in the Nanotechnology for ICTs programme. The course was focused on teaching physics and the technical processes involved in the micro and nanofabrication processes of the ICT industry. I enjoyed a lot deepening my understanding of the world at the nanoscale. For my thesis, I chose to jump into a new adventure. I moved to Stockholm to work on a thesis project called “Programmable matter: shape programming of 2D physical objects”. There I got the chance to take my first steps in the research world. I enjoyed a lot working in this environment and I felt I wanted to pursue a research job after my studies. I wished to combine my nanotechnology studies with something more related to bioscience, as it’s a field that I’ve always been curious about, but didn’t have the chance to explore further. In addition to that, I was looking for multidisciplinary projects with applications directly translatable into the real world.

Thanks to CONSENSE, I was able to join the lab of professor Jeroen Lammertyn at KU Leuven. I’m really glad for having had this opportunity and it has already expanded immensely my knowledge and research expertise.

Thanks for reading!