Upcoming: 2nd CONSENSE Week @ KU Leuven!

Next week, the CONSENSE ESRs and consortium will get together for the 2nd CONSENSE week – a weeklong meeting filled with scientific discussions, transfer lectures, interactive outreach sessions and a 2-day ESR workshop focusing on academic publishing.

The meeting will commence with progress updates and discussions on all 15 ESR projects, offering the possibility for valuable real-time and in-plenum feedback, and paving the way for the next steps forward. The scientific lectures will be dedicated to the topics of “Photonic Biosensors for Real-time Monitoring of Live and Single cells” and “Single molecule plasmon sensing” delivered by Hatice Altug (EPFL) and Peter Zijlstra (TUE). The third scientific lecture will be held by Christophe Caucheteur (UMONS) on “Optical fiber grating-based plasmonic biochemical sensors”.

Moving from science to transfer-and entrepreneurial skills, Filip Delport (FOx) and Menno Prins (TUE / HELIA) will share their experiences “from academia to the spin-off”, followed by “An Introduction to Patents: System, Procedures, Rights” delivered by European Patent Attorney Ivo De Baere (KUL) .

“How do I communicate about and disseminate my research results?” These questions will be answered in the last agenda point of the first days – an interactive “Outreach session” delivered by accelCH, going over all things communication, dissemination and exploitation.

We will end the 2nd CONSENSE week with a 2-day ESR workshop on “how to visually succeed in academic publishing”, learning and practicing our graphical figure skills. We’re looking forward to lots of learnings and new skills to practically apply in the future.

Stay tuned to read our event follow up!