Back in the Netherlands! CONSENSE meets EU project officer and SensUs teams.

Midterm check meeting

CONSENSE is funded by the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie scheme. One important goal of this program is to train the students to become highly skilled researchers and enhance innovation in fields of interest within the EU. In this network, specialists and students are working towards the goal of creating continuous sensors of biomolecules for the health sector. 

During this bi-annual meeting, we linked up with the EU project officer to ensure the network is on track for achieving their ultimate goal.  The meeting was a success and feedback was provided to allow CONSENSE to continue striding forward

ESRs present themselves to the EU project officer
The team of ESRs at the TU/e
"We had very fruitful meetings with the EU project officer, all PhD students and their supervisors, on the research projects and the training. In addition, the Consense students met for the first time with the student teams in SensUs, the annual international student competition in the field of sensors for health. The Consense students do in-depth biosensor research while the SensUs students build working prototypes, you can imagine how this leads to inspiring exchanges!"

Network update

Estelle Bonedeau (ESR4) presents her research results

Following the check meeting, the ESRs showcased their research progress in the field of continuous biosensing. The day was filled with many scientific discussions, and possible collaborations, as everyone shared their experience and provided feedback.

The two previous meetings took place in a hybrid form, mainly due to travel restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately for the check meeting, all the ESRs and most PIs were finally able to join the network face-to-face. 

"Being able to attend the CONSENSE meeting in-person was an excellent opportunity to get to learn more from our partners and witness their true passion in developing creative solutions that can revolutionise disease diagnosis field."

SensUs competition

The third and final part of this CONSENSE meeting was the SensUs competition at TU/e. This competition is all about allowing undergraduate students to gain experience in impactful research in the field of biosensing. This year, many teams from around the globe met up and showed off their biosensor design, pitched their business proposals and competed for the most sensitive set up. The ESRs from CONSENSE also participated the event by presenting their posters on their work, providing feedback to the student teams and sharing thoughts on life as a PhD student and possible opportunities available, such as the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie scheme. Check out more pictures from the SensUs competition:

Overall, it was a very packed but insightful and rewarding week. As always, we look forward to the next meeting. 

Authors: Andris Jeminejs and Emily Tsang