Bridging Borders: Collaboration between AU and KU Leuven

International collaboration in academia is essential for tackling global challenges. In light of this, Andris Jeminejs and Emily Tsang – ESRs from Aarhus University, Denmark – have embarked on a secondment to KU Leuven, Belgium, to learn new skills and lend their expertise into the multidisciplinary field of continuous biosensing. They were hosted by the head of Biosensors group, professor Jeroen Lammertyn, as well as ESRs Claudia Scarpellini and Jalu Setiya Pradana.

Before coming to Belgium, Andris had synthesized several custom molecules and DNA strands that could be used to improve the performance of fiber-optic surface plasmon resonance (FO-SPR) sensors. During his one-week stay, Andris had the opportunity to test them out and see their impact on gold surface functionalization.

"Multidisciplinary research is an excellent ground for skill development. It was great to try my hand in something completely new, while also sharing the skills in return. Though one week may seem brief, the gained knowledge and connections can go a long way in the future. A huge thanks to the Biosensors group for creating a great environment for collaboration!"
Andris Jeminejs

Meanwhile, Emily is continuing her secondment, where she combines the expertise in DNA origami with FO-SPR technology, creating assemblies of gold nanoparticles on the DNA and testing their role in sensor signal amplification.

"Participating in the ITN's international exchange program allows us to merge our expertise. This allows us to collaboratively work towards a product that would be much more challenging to develop independently. I look forward to seeing what we'll achieve during my 6-week exchange!"
Emily Tsang


Let’s wish both Andris and Emily the best of luck in their endeavors and stay tuned for more!