Get to know ESR15!

Hi, my name is Guilherme Gouveia and I’m ESR15 in the CONSENSE consortium. 

I’m Portuguese, born and raised on the outskirts of Lisbon. Throughout my childhood, I was always fascinated by nature. Our dogs, tiny bugs, or flowers would grab almost as much of my attention as football and Judo. As I got older, subjects like History and Philosophy rivalled my interests in natural sciences and allowed me a holistic view of its various branches.

During my Bachelors in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, I studied Biology and complemented my studies with a minor in Physics. I followed my interdisciplinary path in the Masters of Bioengineering and Nanosystems at Instituto Superior Técnico where I was first introduced to biosensors and the “plenty of room at the bottom”, combining Molecular Biology with the most recent advances in Material Science, Nanotechnology, and the plethora of ways that we can transduce a signal.

This room for creativity is what lured me into the CONSENSE project and to the LMI group at the Radboudumc in the amazing city of Nijmegen. Here, I have wonderful colleagues and an impressive project, mentored by Marien de Jonge. My part in the consortium is the preclinical validation of the developed biosensors using in vitro cell models. Due to the lack of knowledge regarding the dynamics of the immune systems, I will also use these models to first describe and then longitudinally study the different messengers involved in the extracellular response to acute inflammation.

I look forward to further collaborating and meeting with my colleagues to fulfil the dream of continuous biosensing.