Bridging Borders: Collaboration between AU and KU Leuven

International collaboration in academia is essential for tackling global challenges. In light of this, Andris Jeminejs and Emily Tsang – ESRs from Aarhus University, Denmark – have embarked on a secondment to KU Leuven, Belgium, to learn new skills and lend their expertise into the multidisciplinary field of continuous biosensing. They were hosted by the […]

CONSENSE presents at BIOSENSORS 2023!

A month ago, Andris Jeminejs and Emily Tsang attended the 33rd Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors in Busan, South Korea. At this conference, they reported on the recent progress of their PhD projects and took the opportunity to see how other researchers are advancing the field of biosensors.  Emily presented her research with the poster […]

Introducing ESR6

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Andris and in the CONSENSE network, I am known as ESR6. I guess it is appropriate to start with my background. I was born and raised in Riga, the capital of Latvia, one of the Baltic States. In short, ever since high school, my whole life revolved […]