Follow up: Consense meets at KU Leuven!

Hey everyone! Last week was the 2nd Consense Week in Leuven, Belgium, where we had an incredible opportunity to learn new skills and share our progress. We heard cool talks about the latest research in the field of photonic plasmonic sensors and ESRs shared their own projects in continuous sensing. Plus, we had an awesome […]

Last but not least – let’s welcome ESR11!

Hello, I am Daniil Riabov, ESR 11 and I am glad to be a part of the CONSENSE project! About me I was born in Cherepovets, Russia and spent my whole childhood in this lovely city. Even though my high school had a major in teaching languages (English and German), I was lucky to also […]

Introducing ESR5!

Hello, my name is Nicola Porzberg – ESR5 of the CONSENSE consortium – and I have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. Born and raised in Germany, I decided to move abroad to the Netherlands for my studies in Molecular Life Sciences at the Radboud University, Nijmegen. I wrote my first master’s thesis in […]

Introducing ESR12!

Hello and nice to meet you!  I’m Claudia, ESR 12 in the CONSENSE project. Like many of the other PhD students, I was also keen on everything related to science ever since I was a kid. During my school years, I enjoyed studying chemistry, physics, and mathematics. But what I enjoyed the most is the […]

Get to know Estelle Bonedeau – ESR 4!

Hi, I’m Estelle! If you want to know a bit more about me, you’re in the right place. What’s my academic background? I have studied at the University of Bordeaux (France) and the University of Auckland (New Zealand) and obtained my bachelor and master’s degree at the bioengineering school ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Technologie […]

Introducing ESR14!

Hi guys, I am Sebastian Cajigas, ESR14 in the CONSENSE consortium. First, I would like to introduce myself. I was born and raised in Colombia, more specifically, in southern Colombia, in a small town known as Sandoná. However, after finishing my secondary school education at the age of 17, I moved to Medellín, one of […]

Introducing ESR8!

Hello, my name is Helen Tan and I am known as ESR8 in the CONSENSE consortium. I am happy to have this opportunity to write a short blog post to introduce myself, so here we go! I was born and raised in Malaysia, in a middle-class family of four. Since I was young, I have […]

Back in the Netherlands! CONSENSE meets EU project officer and SensUs teams.

Midterm check meeting CONSENSE is funded by the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie scheme. One important goal of this program is to train the students to become highly skilled researchers and enhance innovation in fields of interest within the EU. In this network, specialists and students are working towards the goal of creating continuous sensors of biomolecules for the […]

CONSENSE Introduction Days

On 24-25 November 2021, the CONSENSE ITN has its first in-person meeting since the start of the project. Hosted by the CONSENSE coordinator TU Eindhoven, this will be an opportunity for the early-stage researchers to have a broad introduction into the CONSENSE project and to get to know their fellow researchers across the different partnering […]

Open Positions for Innovative Training Network CONSENSE!

Open Positions for Innovative Training Network CONSENSE! Are you interested in joining the CONSENSE team as a early stage researcher (ESR)? Two beneficiaries have open positions at the moment. Find out more about the individual open positions and how to apply. We are looking forward to receiving your application! Open Positions Find out more about […]