Back in the Netherlands! CONSENSE meets EU project officer and SensUs teams.

Midterm check meeting CONSENSE is funded by the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie scheme. One important goal of this program is to train the students to become highly skilled researchers and enhance innovation in fields of interest within the EU. In this network, specialists and students are working towards the goal of creating continuous sensors of biomolecules for the […]

Let’s welcome ESR2!

Hello, my name is Alexander Stephany; I am the most recently recruited CONSENSE member — ESR2. About me From the age of 6, I have lived south of Brussels — in Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. During my years in Belgium, like many teenagers, I was part of a scouting group. At 18, I […]

Introducing ESR6

Hi, nice to meet you! My name is Andris and in the CONSENSE network, I am known as ESR6. I guess it is appropriate to start with my background. I was born and raised in Riga, the capital of Latvia, one of the Baltic States. In short, ever since high school, my whole life revolved […]

CONSENSE presents its work worldwide

A few weeks ago, Helen Tan, one of the ESRs at the TU/e, presented her research results at the 7th Biosensing Technology Conference in Sitges, Spain. She reported on her recent advances in the methodology of biofunctionalized substrate characterization using techniques, such as atomic force microscopy (AFM), DNA Point Accumulation in Nanoscale Topography (DNA-PAINT), and […]